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Cardboard Waste Recycling Newport

The importance of recycling cardboard is monumental everywhere. Most waste in landfills are made up of  cardboard material. Thanks to Newport Waste Company, cardboard recycling is available for businesses in and around Newport. Our cardboard recycling process is easy, quick, and cost-effective. You can use the form on the left to contact us, or you can call us at 01633 910 340. The law mandates that businesses dispose of their waste responsibly, which includes cardboard waste. At Newport Waste, we make this easy with our promise to divert as much waste from going to landfills as possible.

We’ve also made it our mission to provide you with recycling bins and we’ll go as far as delivering them to your business premises for free. With so much to do and see in Newport for tourists and curious locals, it makes sense that it is kept free of waste by all means. We can help your business be a part of this green movement.

What is Cardboard Waste?

Cardboard also goes by the name corrugated cardboard. It becomes waste once it is discarded to waste bins due to no longer having functional use anymore. The recycling of cardboard or corrugated cardboard can save your business money on waste disposal. Before placing cardboard boxes in a recycling receptacle, they should always be flattened. You can do this by the help of our compactor bins. Even cardboard contaminated with a tiny amount of liquid or grease can be recycled. Despite its ineligibility for recycling, waxed cardboard may be accepted by some commercial composting operations.

The strength and durability of recycled cardboard make it ideal for use in packaging and boxes, as it can be recycled several times without losing strength. However, after sometime, its fibres start becoming shorter and then it can be recycled to something else such as egg boxes. 

How is Cardboard Recycled?

The corrugated cardboard used to make shipping containers contains a lot of post-consumer recycled material. The cardboard that can be recycled includes boxes, tubes, plates, fiberboard, and paperboard. There is no need to remove tape, tags, or other items from the cardboard because they will be removed at the reprocessing center. The cardboard recycling process is as follows:

Collection: This is the initial step in the recycling of cardboard. Cardboard waste is collected from the time you personally chose as you know your business best. When the collection is complete, the items are measured and transported to recycling facilities, which are usually paper mills or recycling centres.

Sorting: Recycling facilities sort the corrugated containers based on the materials that were used to produce them when they arrive. They are generally divided into two categories: boxboard and corrugated cardboard. The fact that paper mills produce materials of varying qualities due to the nature of the resources recovered, means that this phase is vital.

Shredding and pulping: Shredding is the next step after sorting, followed by pulping. Once cardboard fibers are shredded, they become tiny fragments. In order to break down the fibers of the cardboard paper, tiny particles of the material are mixed with water and chemicals and turned into a slurry called pulp. In order to help the finished substance condense and become stronger, the pulped material is then mixed with new pulp, which is usually made from wood chips.

Filtering: To remove all extraneous materials and contaminants such as string, tubes, and glue from the pulp, the pulp material is thoroughly filtered. A centrifuge-type device is then used to remove contaminants such as plastic and staples from the pulp.

New cardboard making process: A smooth conveyor belt and a fiery cylindrical surface are used for drying the cleaned pulp after it has been blended with new ingredients. It is automated machinery that removes excess water from the pulp during the drying process, which makes it easier to create solid sheet rolls from fibres known as linerboards and mediums. The liner boards are connected together to make a new piece of cardboard.

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