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We offer commercial waste collection services across Newport. Call our team of specialists today for a free, no-obligation quote.

After reclaimed materials arrive in the quayside, Waste Tech handles all onshore logistics and processing including onshore cleaning, cutting and resizing. With special expertise in the management of big subsea structures and gear including risers, riser foundations, flowlines, umbilicals, midwater arches and mattresses, all parts are completely prepared for reuse, recycling or disposal, together with the goal of reducing or removing the entire volume of waste sent to landfill.

We’ve got the potential to process equipment and constructions recovered from both above and below the waterline and reach an average recycling rate of 95%.

Recyclable Materials Buying
Waste Tech’s extensive connections mean your waste materials may be transformed in the most effective gains for your company. Waste Tech connections and expertise make sure you receive consistently high yields for your materials.

It is also possible to realise the worth of a variety of other substances and gear including excess machinery, pallets, plant and stillages.

Whatever materials you’re now selling, we’re certain that we are able to get quite competitive rates and sale conditions for you. As for materials that you’re now sending to landfill or getting almost no return for, well a complete Waste Tech appraisal can frequently emphasize some concealed opportunities. The waste marketplace goes rapidly, and is growing rapidly.

Waste Tech provide a wheelie bin collection service for customers that need the flexibility of mobile waste containers or just do not create substantial amounts of waste. We supply both an overall trade waste collection service for mixed general waste and different recycling rounds for cardboard/paper and mixed recyclable waste. Our waste containers are suitably tagged to help customers segregate at source where multiple containers are used. These waste flows can contain one or all the following.
*General Industrial Waste (light compactable waste only – no earth, brick, ceramics, hazardous waste, etc)

*Cardboard & Paper Recycling Collections (old cardboard packaging, papers, magazines, office paper, etc)

Please see below for our entire selection of wheelie containers
*820 litre Wheelie Bin (4 wheeled bin)
*1100 litre Wheelie Bin (4 wheeled bin)
*1280 litre Wheelie Bin (4 wheeled bin)

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