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Chepstow is a town and settlement in Monmouthshire, Wales, on the border with Gloucestershire, England. Located just above the confluence of the Severn River and the Wye, it is adjacent to the Severn Bridge. It is situated 26 kilometers east of Newport, 45 kilometers east-northeast of Cardiff, 29 kilometers northwest of Bristol, and 180 kilometers west of London. The thriving town of Chepstow blends old with new in a harmonious way. With its Norman castle positioned on a strategic site overlooking the River Wye, it has become a powerful medieval city. Chepstow, true to its name which means “marketplace” in Old English, this town is a great shopping place.

There is a wealth of independent shops in the heart of the city, surrounded by elegant Georgian and Victorian buildings. Additionally, the town has been transformed with stone walls and sculptures that tell local tales, including an award-winning pedestrian zone. This town is well known for its racecourse, Chepstow Racecourse, which hosts the Welsh National in December every year. The spectacular race days take place all year. It is also a popular live music and entertainment venue. Originally a medieval port and trade center, Chepstow has become a popular tourist destination. In Chepstow town centre, there are over 130 shops within easy walking distance of 1,000 parking spaces. A total of 16 hotels, taverns, pubs, plus 15 restaurants and cafes are available to guests. To keep waste manageable in such a busy town, strict and stringent processes must be followed. Here at Tech Waste we have the expertise and the rigour needed to handle commercial waste from such a busy place as Cheptsow. Our local team is standing by to assist you with all of your waste management requirements. Please phone 01633 910 340 to reach Waste Tech.

Commercial Waste Collection Chepstow

The amount of waste produced by a country has increased by a factor of 2.6 since 1960. Therefore, the management of waste is an important element of any country’s development. Due to the excessive rise in urbanisation and industrialisation, waste management has become a top priority. This is no different for Chepstow. This is a reason why at Tech Waste Management we have made waste collection our priority. Throughout Chepstow, we provide commercial waste collection services for all businesses. For a free, no-obligation quote, contact our team of experts now. 

We have state-of-the-art waste collection vehicles that are regularly cleaned and kept in stellar conditions. Whether you are located in Station Road, the High Street or Beaufort Square, our carefully selected waste collection routes cater to all streets and roads housing businesses in Chepstow. We also offer commercial waste bins to store your waste in before collection. Our waste bins range from waste bags for smaller amounts of wastes to wheelie bins, FEL’s and RoRos. This also depends on the space availability in your premises and the quantity of your waste.

Commercial Waste Disposal Chepstow

The possibilities for waste to be reused, recycled, treated, and disposed of is determined by the type of waste and its characteristics. Solid waste can still be useful if it is separated, recovered, and repurposed. Recycling is the process of recovering, reusing, and recycling components. A good example of this is thermal energy recovery and reuse. Also, it is possible to call composting a recycling process because it reclaims the organic components of the solid waste for reuse as mulch or soil conditioner.

However, other waste materials can also be recycled and reused in their original form. Among these are paper, metal, glass, plastic, and rubber. There are many other waste disposal methods but recycling is the most environmentally friendly. Some of these other waste disposal methods include landfilling and incineration. Households can take their waste to:

Five Lanes Quarry

A48, Caldicot NP26 5PD,

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