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We can supply a straightforward single-site waste collection service right up to large scale multi-site and multi-service waste collection and recycling operations.

Just fill in the waste collection estimate form to the left – or phone us on the number above.

All duty of care and contract paperwork will probably be sent to you personally on the exact same business day prepared for finish. We may then begin your trade waste collection service within 1 week. We’re additionally competent to handle any backlog of waste you might have gathered.

For a multi-site service, please telephone us to talk about your demands. We’ll provide you with a free site audit and try to find means for you to recycle more and bring your bin prices down.

This either means recycling at source or being sent to a place for recycling before being sent to landfill. We strongly support onsite recycling as well as the waste collection firms we apply typically use transfer stations rather than landfill.

Businesses that create waste have a duty of care to ensure it’s disposed of appropriately. This implies you must sign a duty of care note, which says that the waste bin for collection is only going to contain the kind of waste you initially set.
This really is in conformity with the European Waste Code. We’ll give you a Duty of Care note yearly totally FREE.

The condition
The condition is the fact that, before being disposed of in landfill, all waste should be treated to cut back its amount or its environmental impact. The onus is on you as the waste company , to treat your waste at source or organize to get your waste treated for you.

“Treatment” is defined by the environment Bureau using a “three-point evaluation”:

  1. It has to be a physical , thermal, chemical or biological process ( this “procedure” comprises sorting)
  2. It has to alter the features of the waste.

3.Reduce its amount, Reduce its dangerous nature, Improve its retrieval.

As a waste company, you must make sure that your waste is pre-treated before it goes to landfill. You got two primary choices:

*Treat the waste yourself by sorting your waste on site ( in other words, by separating recyclables from non- recyclables), or
*Ensure your Recycling and Resource Management supplier treats your waste in your behalf.

You shouldn’t automatically think your Recycling and Resource Management supplier will treat the waste for you; many suppliers will charge you a fee to do this.

Our exceptional Bycycler “recycling” system was created to make segregation at source simple for you – giving you peace of mind and enhancing your environmental performance. If you’re not able to sort your waste yourself, we already treat the waste we gather from our clients’ sites within our waste transfer station in compliance together with the brand new condition – and we don’t charge extra for this.

Dangerous Waste Removal
More demanding legislation than ever is now in place to ensure that hazardous waste is managed in a way which most protects the public as well as the ecosystem.

At Waste Tech, our processes are well created and developed to satisfy all legal demands and prevent all dangers.

We’ll handle your hazardous waste and take all necessary measures to ensure it’s safe.

Hundreds of things are now formally categorised as dangerous, including fluorescent light tubes, fridges and TV sets, and we can arrange or advise on the best method of managing them.

Asbestos evaluation is additionally accessible.

In addition, we handle hazardous waste, including greasy rags or fluorescent light tubes, from offshore boats docked locally.

Sharps bins, lockable containers and clinical totes are all available on request.

We’ve experienced ADR skilled drivers that are authorised to carry hazardous waste.

Our focus throughout is on security and as a family-run business we manage each job on a private one off basis to ensure we just fit your demands using a risk free service.

Contact us for additional information and request assistance or guidance rather than take any risks. We can manage all your dangerous waste management needs.

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