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Front End Loaders enable Tech Waste to empty your waste as fast and economically as possible. Call us today for a free quote on the services we can offer to you.

These forks fit into channels in the waste containers and lift them over the very top of the automobile, emptying waste into a storage unit in the rear. Any waste gathered is then compacted using hydraulics.

Containers have lockable lids to stop wind scatter, vandalism and third party dumping and may quickly be moved on site by means of a fork lift. These containers may be ordered on a service contract with an established program for emptying.

Front End Loaders enable us to empty and replace containers fast and economically with no need to eliminate them from the site.

Container Essential Points

Lidded/ locking alternatives available.
Bonded Collection – when you want it.

Offshore Services
Treatment abroad provides many advantages, but changing rig specifications surely can make the adjustment of waste storage and processing gear appear challenging.

We’ve redefined what’s possible, providing tailored solutions to meet job-unique conditions, successfully overcoming perceived limits.

Tech Waste’s specialist options supply a variety of advanced strategies for the efficient collection, transport, treatment and decrease in drill cuttings, slops, sludges and related stuff abroad, enabling operators to honour both challenging functional objectives and external obligations.

Working with operators around the world, our in house engineering team ensures all equipment and procedures comply with the maximum HSEQ standards, providing powerful remedies for any place and preserving optimum generation, enhancing security and minimising environmental impact.

Engineering options to get rid of waste

Working closely with clients, our in house engineering teams will develop optimum solutions, making sure the onsite waste management fulfills a job’s functional, fiscal and legislative demands.

*Cuttings transport
*Offshore processing
*Onshore processing
*Jump and send
*Bulk transfer
*Solids control

The Residence of Recycling
We’re dedicated to giving all our customers an unbeatable service at an extremely competitive cost, we believe we can match and surpass expectations.

Competive Costs
In the entire world of ever raising costs we’re dedicated to delivering every single dumpster for the really lowest cost we can. In addition , we guarantee to deal with your waste in the most environmentally friendly manner possible.

Quality Service
Prompt deliveries, exchanges, groups and services
Competitive costs
Great quality containers
Clean well kept trucks
Credit account facilities accessible
Visa/Debit card payments taken

With over 25 years’ expertise, our Big Yellow Dumpsters are used and relied upon in most of the area’s towns and cities. Thus, whether you have a house to clear or a building project to end, phone us in to assist you to complete the job!

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