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Our recycling services can help you reduce waste at source, lower costs and protect the environment. Call our expert team today to find out how we can help you.

During 2010 controlled waste facilities in England and Wales handled almost 140 million tonnes of waste.

At 2010 input signal speeds, there are just eight years of non-hazardous landfill space obtainable in England & Wales

There are no hazardous waste landfill sites running in Wales. During 2010 over 3.7 million tonnes of hazardous waste were handled, created from almost 160,000 companies and business.

Whether you’re thinking about recycling for the very first time, or you’ve got a nicely recognized recycling system, Local waste management will provide improved materials recovery and price decrease.


The high degree of recyclable materials recovered through our waste collection procedure means we can provide an all-inclusive merchandise supply service.

Even if we run short of stock, we can immediately discover a variety of aggregates to satisfy local needs.

Likewise, we’ve got substantial supplies of graded topsoil that is perfect for levelling off websites, landscaping schemes or for household gardens.

Reclaimed debris or topsoil may be delivered direct to your website by our tipper lorry, with a same day service generally accessible. Or you may gather from us.

Wood brought to our website is additionally divided and sorted for recycling as economically and effectively as possible.

It improves our recycling service and underlines our purpose in protecting the ecosystem by drastically reducing landfill demands.

Contact us for more details or in case you have some questions regarding our recycling and merchandise supply services.

Radioactive Waste Management
Waste Tech is a leading supplier of independent radioactive waste management to the UK and international. We’ve got over 25 years of expertise in the UK regulatory demands for both plant and procedures including the security conditions for a nuclear licensed site, environmental regulation and approval of waste for disposal.
We can offer an all-inclusive array of services for handling low and intermediate level radioactive waste and decommissioning.

*Waste management evaluations, alternative studies & consultancy.
*VLLW, LLW & ILW sampling, evaluation & characterisation.
*Facility & lab strip out & decommissioning.
*Recycling, retrieval & recategorisation (e.g. detritiation & exemption).
*Metallic waste treatment, inc size decrease, decontamination & melt.
*LLW & VLLW disposal paths.
*Radioactive materials transportation & package testing.
*Complex waste processing plants

We’ve developed some longstanding, well-recognized relationships with all the leading operators in the UK nuclear sector, along with many international organisations.
The Winfrith website is unique regarding its own technology, facilities and its radioactive discharge authorisations. Situated on a Nuclear Licensed Site, our current abilities include:

*A security case for managing ILW
*A rail head
*Waste sampling tools
*Waste retrieval gear
*Radiochemical evaluation lab’s
*Cement sample archive shop
*Alpha processing laboratories/facility
*Mobile supercompaction plant
*Tritium and carbon 14 decontamination facilities
*Waste procedure development lab’s
*A adaptive sorting and processing facility
We can manage our mobile plant on any atomic site or in our centralised processing facilities at Newport.

We’ve got an extremely qualified and motivated work force, including nationally recognised specialists.

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