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Paper Waste Recycling Newport

Paper is an environmentally friendly material since it is recyclable. We will collect and recycle your used paper in a timely and efficient manner. Furthermore, our customer service is among the best in Newport. Newport Waste supplies you with free green bins to use for recycling paper. Additionally, we provide a simple and fast setup! You can contact us by calling 01633 910 340

Now you can get a free quotation based on your company’s paper waste recycling needs. Our team will tell you what type of green bin and how often your business needs a pickup. By recycling paper, landfills are reduced, energy and water is conserved, and greenhouse gases are reduced.

How is Paper Recycled?

In an average business, tons of paper waste are generated each year. Paper, packaging, paper bags, newspapers, magazines, and shredded documents are primarily responsible for it. However, paper products remain extremely useful and vital in today’s world, even though papermaking is an ancient technique. Paper is a fibrous material derived from wood pulp, grasses, or other organic matter and it is used in a variety of applications, such as in newspapers, packaging, and on personal care and cleaning products.

You can save money on waste disposal by having a waste management audit conducted by our waste management consultants to pinpoint areas where you can cut costs. 

Paper Recycling Steps

Waste paper usually winds up in landfills if it is not recycled. In contrast, landfills have proven inadequate for dealing with paper waste. In addition to containing hazardous materials, paper waste also can leach into the soil, causing a variety of problems.


The process begins by collecting waste papers from your location and placing them in our large recycling container with paper from other collection bins. Following the collection of paper waste, our collection vans will transport it to a paper recycling facility.

Sorting and de-inking

There are many different categories of papers at the recycling plant. As a result, the recycling plant separates the papers into different categories based on the type of paper they are made of. There are many ways to recycle paper depending on what type it is. Thereafter, it will be washed so as to remove contaminants such as ink, glue, plastic, and staples.


After being washed, the paper is transferred to a huge container and combined with water to make a pulp. The slurry, or pulp, is an ingredient used to turn paper waste into new paper material, and it is sometimes called pulp. After going through a slurry process, the paper waste is transformed into new paper products, such as cardboards and office paper.


Following the pulping process, we filter out the contaminants from the pulp. To remove contaminants such as glue globs and plastic fragments, pulp is forced through screens with holes of various sizes and shapes. The pulp can be spun in massive cone-shaped cylinders if some heavy contaminants are left in it, such as staples. 


The process of refining or rolling is the final step. As a result, individual fibres can be separated, allowing them to be used to create new paper. In order to colour the paper, it may need to be bleached in order to turn it white or dyed using chemicals in order to change its colour.

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